• Personnel and Asset Protection

    Whether for armed or unarmed guarding services, our security personnel are of the highest quality. Bulldog guards are provided ongoing training. Experienced operations management provides direction and leadership.

  • Close Protection Security

    Specialized protection services for executives, high net worth and celebrity clients, and any legitimate persons. Escort team (several close protection security), Security Teams for high profile events, product launches and others, and a fully integrated Protection Team comprising of (possibly) driver(s), close in security, and a dedicated security manager if required can be arranged.

  • Corporate Security

    Security for corporations including their executives, investigations and functions such as access control, electronic debugging, sensitive document handling and background checks can be provided. We support corporate business continuity through crisis planning and management. Crisis management services include crowd engineering, strike duty, mob and riot control, search and rescue operations and hostage situations. Civil defense services include contingency planning for countermeasures to bomb threats, fire prevention, fire fighting, control and evacuation, and first aid.

  • Freight Transport

    Whether you transport high value finished goods, equipment and parts or large sums of money from one place to another, our network of intelligence and escort provides support to organizations. Bulldog Security provides safe and reliable services.

  • Event Security

    With public safety as the paramount concern in our planning, Bulldog Security delivers depth of experience to secure the needs of any event organizer.

  • Security Consulting

    Careful analysis of client needs provides a qualified assessment. Bulldog provides security planning, contingency planning, preparation of post to post study. We perform periodic review of an existing security plan, investigation and inspection. Security surveys, physical security planning, document security, discrete investigation, risk analysis and loss function may be requested.

    • • Security Guard Operations
    • • Prepare Security Policy and Procedures
    • • Emergency Procedures and Preparation
    • • Preparation of Post Instructions
    • • Security Staff Training & Orientation
    • • Employee Security & Awareness Programs
    • • Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management
  • TechSmart Security Solutions

    Increase Security and reduce your cost and get management tools. Bulldog Security’s TechSmart Solutions will help you with the paradox of how to REDUCE THE SECURITY COST WHILE INCREASING SECURITY & UTILIZING INCOMING INFORMATION.