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BSAI ServicesContract Security Partner - For corporations that need above-board security service, we are your partner, whether for armed or unarmed guarding services.
Security Consulting - Our experienced security professionals have the expertise to help you develop and establish effective strategies and policies.
TechSmart Security Solutions - Corporate decision makers need to lessen the cost of security while increasing security and utilize incoming information. Use the convergence of manpower and technology. We provide a full range of modern technology integrated with manpower solutions.
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BSAI AdvantagesCorporate business owners, managers, groups and individuals look for professional private security to secure assets. We are committed to give you the Bulldog advantage of know-how. It takes time to know security needs. It takes skill to identify vulnerabilities of protection measures. It takes experience to make and carry out good judgments in security practice. With twenty-eight years of corporate knowledge in the security industry, Bulldog can get the job done. We aim to provide you with the most competent security professionals to meet your needs.
BSAI has received ISO 9001:2000 certification signifying its commitment to the highest standards and systems in operations. Our guards and security managers are fully trained as we strive to meet and exceed your expectations.
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Client IndustryPartners from various industries have placed their trust in our security service for almost three decades. Each partner wants security that is "just right" and tailored to their needs, and that's what we deliver.
Bulldog Security provides top-notch manpower security services. Constant, continuing training and ongoing evaluation enable our security personnel to be updated, assessed and ready.
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Welcome to Bulldog Security Agency (BSAI).

In facing the challenges inherent in the security industry, Bulldog Security continues to provide services that utilize best of breed practices gained through extensive experience. Always innovative and responsive, Bulldog Security continues developing their Security Professionals through training and specialization. We are committed to effective physical guarding services. We complement our service using equipment and technology to address security needs.

Bulldog Security is a dynamic team of professionals specializing in business, law, military and security.