Bulldog in Action: Responding to an Emergency

As we go about our daily life, how often are we given the chance to become a hero?

We have two such examples in our Bulldog family; they are Pederico Peren and Dandee de la Torre who are members of the Incident Responder and Support Team of one of the detachments.

During their officers outing last May 7, 2011 in Cavite, the body of a 10 year old girl was fished out of the water seeming  lifeless and already blue. A seaman tried to revive the girl but our officers saw that he was going about it the wrong way. With every second counting, Pederico & Dandee promptly introduced themselves as emergency officers and took over. With Pederico administering resuscitating measures, Dandee controlled the mounting crowd of curious on-lookers. First set of compressions yielded no results  but after the second set, his efforts were successful -  they were able to revive the girl. She was immediately brought to the hospital for further treatment.

Because these stalwart officers were attentive, alert, fearless and accurate; because  they used their knowledge and training, they saved a little girl`s life. They were her heroes.

Our hats off to you Pederico & Dandee!