Security Partner

Bulldog Security will help you achieve your goals.  We will work with you as your Security Partner. The global community is here, and our local knowledge gives us a distinct advantage to get the job done.  We are committed to provide you world class security professionals and provide you the advantages that Bulldog Security is known for.
Security Partner

Well Trained Security Personnel

Bulldog Security personnel are ready and available for immediate posting. Ongoing training assures clients that security will be delivered. Personnel are licensed and work with competent security officers.

Responsive and Experienced Security Managers

We know that good security requires awareness. Security is only as effective as its weakest link. We are committed to increase our stakeholders’ security by effective and timely communication and preparation. Our local knowledge also increases ability to respond effectively.

Useful Security Reports & Incident Reports

Experienced security managers provide summative reports on a timely basis. Action plans are generated for a pro-active approach to security management.

Competent Organic Investigation Team

Our in-house investigation team helps to establish circumstances and to discover lessons that can be learnt. Recommendations coming from our investigation reports have led to positive changes and improvement in policies and procedures.

Commitment to quality in systems of operations

BSAI has received ISO 9001:2000 certification signifying its commitment to the highest standards and systems in operations. Our guards and security managers are fully trained as we strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

Prompt Logistics and Communication

We equip and train our detachments to use communication facilities that deliver supplies when and where they need it. The Head Office serves as a Facility for Security Personnel.

Priority OHSA Program. Complete contributions to Philippine Social Security System (SSS) and Health Insurance (PhilHealth) since 1992.

Bulldog Security ranks as one of the top SSS Premium and Philhealth payers among Security Agencies. Clients are assured that all that is due to government is paid on time and completely. BSAI employees are able to avail of the maximum benefits allowable by the government agencies.

Fully compliant with Philippine Government Regulations

Federal Regulations from multinational and foreign locators’ home countries require compliance to Regulations that extend to the locator’s off shore location. Foreign and local companies are assured that Bulldog Security consistently remits proper payment of corporate taxes including VAT and Withholding Tax. All government mandated benefits are also complied with.