Bulldog Security Agency (BSAI)

In facing the challenges inherent in the security industry, Bulldog Security continues to provide services that utilize best of breed practices gained through extensive experience. Innovative and responsive, Bulldog Security continues developing their Security Professionals through training and specialization. We are committed to effective physical guarding services. We complement our service using equipment and technology to address security needs.

Bulldog Security is a dynamic team of professionals specializing in business, law, military and security.

Bulldog Security Management staff is composed of CERTIFIED SECURITY PROFESSIONALS who have been in the security industry for at least 10 years.
Its core staff is a team of seasoned security providers with 20 years experience both in private security and the military.
Backing up this team is a network of Military consultants, both in active and inactive service, and all experts in their fields: Intelligence, Marines, and Police who we depend on to provide help for the need of each client, when necessary.

Management Team

Cesar G. Afable, Jr. is the Executive Vice President of the corporation. He is a Certified Security Professional and has been in the company since 1993. He is responsible for all security and safety concerns.


Security Personnel

Our front-liners are integral in our service delivery. Our Security Personnel undergo security training and refresher courses to ensure maximum performance. Security Officers and Security Managers hold key positions in detachments. The depth of security training and knowledge of the organization is a result of the supervisory training course that the Agency conducts.